Restoration of Trincomalee forest land

Sri Lanka

The restoration of 10 hectares of forest land alongside the Trincomalee - Anuradhapura highway in the Trincomalee District, Sri Lanka, has been dedicated to the QCC.

The project site, belonging to two natural forest reserves managed by the Forest Department of Sri Lanka, is being restored with native forest species following deforestation along the roadsides.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka

The project aims to enhance forest cover in Sri Lanka according to the National Forest Policy, and to enrich the forest ecosystem by restoring degraded forest lands to ensure a productive environment for wildlife. It also aims to enhance the value of the natural ecosystem by protecting watersheds and biodiversity.

Local people from nearby villages will be employed to participate in the restoration, and others will take on the role of caretakers of the forest land to protect the site and its wildlife. Non-timber forest trees will be grown to support the communities, providing them with an income from forest products and edible fruits.

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