‘Eua National Park Reserve


The Chief Executive Officer for Agriculture, Food and Forests, Dr Viliami T. Manu, on behalf of the Minister for Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Fisheries, the Hon. Semisi T. Fakahau, committed Tonga to the QCC, nominating the ‘Eua National Park Reserve and the Toloa Forest Reserve as it’s dedications.

Toloa Forest Reserve

Toloa the largest and most intact remnant of a once tropical lowland vegetation that covered the central part of the island. Tupou College, the current custodian of the estate where the rainforest is located, has a very active role in the management of the site, which includes eliminating invasive species, internal replanting and reforestation of the sides to facilitate natural expansion.

‘Eua National Park Reserve

Eua is home to Tonga’s only National Forest Park and hosts a number of Tonga’s local flora and fauna species. Unfortunately, ‘Eua is also considered to be among the most vulnerable of Tonga’s 176 islands to the impacts of climate change. To address this, work is being undertaking with the local community to manage ‘Eua’s watershed, protecting the ecosystem services it provides, as well as promote sustainable agriculture practices and land management technologies.

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