Castries Water Works Reserve

St Lucia

The Castries Water Works Reserve comprises a total area of 1392.93 hectares. Much of the forests within the Castries Water Works Reserve are mature but secondary, including extensive tracts of rainforest. Most of the forest area has been modified by human activities, such as cutting for firewood, squatting for cultivation of short-term agricultural crops, marijuana cultivation and planting of exotic trees.

The Government of Saint Lucia works with stakeholders and partners to reduce the incidences of deforestation and squatting on forest reserves while providing incentives to encourage public private partnership investment in keeping with the core principles of sustainable forest management. Two noteworthy initiatives are the Government’s fostering of ecotourism and sustainable harvesting of non-timber forest products within the Reserve.

The Forestry Department granted access for an approved eco-friendly venture which includes aerial tram tours, zip lining, hiking and bird watching.  The local community values their natural resources as tourist income and works harder to protect these resources.  The locals have found jobs at this eco-tours establishment and discover that their jobs depend on local conservation efforts.

A pilot project was developed by the Department in collaboration with Flora and Fauna International and resident tappers from nearby forest communities to conduct ongoing research into developing sustainable methods of harvesting of the Lansan. Lansan is produced by tapping the Lansan tree (Protiumattenuatum), allowing the resin to flow, gradually dry and solidify on the tree bark.

Saint Lucia

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