Sangmelima Training and Research Forest



The Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, The Hon. Jules Doret Ndongo, committed Cameroon to the QCC, nominated the Sangmelima Training and Research Forest (TRF) as its dedication. The 13,500ha forest provides professional training in forest resource management for forest sector operators and students from national schools across Cameroon.

The TRF is a natural formation located in a wet forest area, characterized by the abundance of species such as Emien, Movingui, Padouk, Ilomba and Raffia. We also find pioneer species such as: Musangacecropioides, Tremaorientalis, Myrianthusarboreus, Tetrochidiumdydinostemon. In short, the Sangmelima TRF is a virgin forest with a diversity of layers and more than 300 species.

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