Orangerie Bay

Papua New Guinea

The Orangerie Bay Community Project is a partnership between 136 families in Papua New Guinea and the UK based NGO Cool Earth, to protect 4,000 acres of rainforest from the advance of palm oil plantations.

It began in 2014, when the community leaders contacted Cool Earth for help. A partnership was established between Cool Earth and the villages of Orangerie Bay, where community support in the form of sustainable income generation, education, health, basic infrastructure and small grant schemes are provided.

The aim is to strengthen the community so they can protect their forest independently in the longterm. The project is also monitoring the biodiversity of the forest and promoting the importance of conserving Papua New Guinea’s unique and pristine habitats.

The project is managed through an elected community association. Funding is provided by Cool Earth to the community on the condition that the forest is used sustainably and trees are not logged or cleared for commercial purposes.

Local community members are employed as facilitators to provide support to the community.

Project Partners

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