Raja Musa Forest Reserve


Conservation and rehabilitation of Raja Musa Forest Reserve, Bestari Jaya, Selangor.

The reserve is a peat swamp covering an area of 23,000 hectares and is rich in biodiversity. The Raja Musa forest reserve was selected as the pioneer site for the Peat Swamp Forest Rehabilitation and Conservation Project in Southeast Asia.

Peat swamp forests cover more than a third of the total permanent forest reserves in Selangor. The Raja Musa Forest Reserve (35,656ha) is part of an area of 81,304 hectares peat swamp forest and is the second largest contiguous peat swamp forest in Peninsular Malaysia.

Peatland is the most important carbon store in the region and is rich in biodiversity and a source of livelihood for the local community.

The main objective of the peat swamp rehabilitation is to enhance conservation of the forest and reduce the risk of peatland fires and haze. A local community association called Sahabat Hutan Gambut Selangor Utara was established in 2012 and was designated to empower and engage the local community in participating in the rehabilitation of Raja Musa Forest Reserve.



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