Cleland Conservation Park


Cleland Conservation Park in South Australia has been dedicated to the QCC.

Cleland Conservation Park is located in the Mount Lofty Ranges region, approximately 10 kilometres (25 minutes) from the centre of Adelaide. It is formed of Remnant Wet temperate forest, and is one of the most significant remnant examples of tall forest in South Australia.

Cleland Conservation Park

Recognising its conservation significance, the Park was established on 1 January 1945, making it one of the earliest Parks in Australia.

Cleland Conservation Park contains up to 1,500 species of trees and understory plant species including a diversity of orchids and ferns, including the threatened King Fern and Mountain Gum. The Park is home to over 150 species of birds, 20 species of reptiles, 5 species of frogs and a diversity of monotreme, eutherian and marsupial mammals including koalas, Antechinus, possums, echidnas, native and water rats, western grey kangaroos and the Southern Brown Bandicoot, also threatened and reliant on this ecosystem.

Mt Lofty

As the nearest, largest and best example of forest adjacent to the city of Adelaide, both the Cleland Conservation Park and its core Wildlife Park are an integral part of recreation and tourism activities by South Australians and national and international visitors alike.

The Wildlife Park employs 55 individuals as wildlife carers, rangers and retail staff, and supports 80 volunteers who actively engage in the Wildlife Park maintenance and animal care. In addition, the cafés and gift shops located at Cleland Wildlife Park and Mt Lofty Summit, and the restaurant at Waterfall Gully support local produce manufacturers, artists and other hills industries.

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