Berakas Forest Reserve

Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam has dedicated Berakas Forest Recreation Park in Berakas Forest Reserve to the QCC.

It covers an area of 348 hectares and consists mainly of kerangas forests, which have been regenerated following several forest fires. The park is managed as a recreational park and a conservation forest. An area of 3.5 hectares, which was previously degraded, has been rehabilitation and is now known as Biodiversity Park.

Brunei Darussalam


A total of 500,000 trees have been planted since the implementation of the rehabilitation programme, and the public and local community are given the opportunity to plant trees at the park as part of the Green Wave Project, which takes place every year. The Forestry Department also invites students, volunteers and government agencies for tree-planting activities to celebrate Earth Day.

The park has been open to the public since 1994, and is a popular destination for the communities in Brunei Darussalam for outdoor recreational activities.

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