Arboretum of Ruhande


The Arboretum of Ruhande is a 500 acre stretch of botanical garden.

Based on its current structure, landscape and composition, the arboretum is devoted to conservation, scientific research and educational purposes and presently the forest hosts a number of wild animal species including monkeys, birds, bats, and many insects.

The Arboretum of Ruhande is believed to be among the best in Africa due to its large number (178 ) of indigenous and non-native tree species, totalling in 320,000 trees. The gardens offer a great place for outdoor activities and exercise with fresh crisp air.

The Arboretum of Ruhande is a stones throw from the University of Rwanda and plays a key role in its academic activities. Due to this, the university community is involved in daily management and protection of the forest. Further, the management of Arboretum is directly linked to that of the National Tree Seed Centre responsible of seed collection, handling, processing and distribution of forest planting materials. A number of cooperatives are always qualified every year to help in these specific undertakings. Members of cooperatives play a prominent role in management and protection of the Arboretum as the main source of forest planting materials in Rwanda.

The Arboretum is recognized as the most reputable seed orchard in Rwanda where it is classified as the gene bank of forest germplasm and planting materials of Rwandan forests. Given the fact that Arboretum of Ruhande plays a significant role in management of forests and has substantial influence on the microclimate of the surrounding environment, the Government of Rwanda took action to conserve the area for the present and future generations.

Dedicating the Arboretum of Ruhande to QCC project confirms commitment of the Government of Rwanda in forest conservation while rising the general profile of the forest sector in Rwanda.

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